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3 Golden Rules
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Benefits of Chanting and Meditation
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Mantra Explanation
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Karma & Cultivation of Good Deeds
- Disc 1

Throughout the many years that Tai Pee Sim Monastery was founded, Rev. Seng Seong held many dharma lectures as a medium for many Deities and Tchoi-Si (祖師) to large audiences made up of his disciples and the general public. Many of these lectures covered a vast range of topics that affected our daily lives and the right ways of cultivation.

It is very fortunate that many of these lecture were recorded onto tape throughout the years by his disciples, probably in the hope that future generations like us, can benefit from the wisdom passed down to us so many years ago.

The unfortunate thing about magnetic tapes though, are that they tend to lose their sound quality as the years goes by. Therefore, when digitising the tapes into computer format, the sound quality is a long way away from being crystal clear, considering that some tapes are more than 30 years old. Some tracks are better than others, and some are noisy. Every effort has been made to minimise the noise, so that in most cases the message from the lectures can still be understood.

Please click on the links on the left hand side of the web page to start listening to some of the lectures online. There are still many tapes that have not been digitized or sorted out yet, therefore, as time goes by, more of Rev. Seng Seong's lectures would be uploaded here, in the hope that the teachings from the lectures can assist you with your self cultivation, by improving the way you interact with others (結合,不惡談), and to guide you in the right direction to brighten one's soul through cultivation of a merciful heart (行善心).

All lectures are in CANTONESE.

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