Track 2 - 1985 Seek Good Karma & fortune (福包)
SUMMARY: This sermon encourages us to seek “fook” (福包), and good karma. We can achieve “fook” (福包), if we continuously practise compassion and increase our meritorious actions (cultivating “Sein Ken” 善根) to help those suffering and in need. When we have “fook” (福包), we will not land ourselves into the world of suffering environments. Sifu earnestly asked us must learn to cultivate and develop compassion/benevolent heart (善心). This sermon explains how we could acquire everlasting “Sein Kein fook” (善根福包) and, also to seek the guidance of our “Kwan Say Im Porsat”. (觀音菩薩). If you wish to have everlasting “fook” (福包), it is through continuously accumulating more merits by doing benevolent (善根) or charity work and virtuous good deeds. So grab whatever opportunities you could to do good benevolent deeds(善根). If you miss these opportunities, you will also miss accumulating the good karma and “fook” (福包) .
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