Track 3 - Cultivate a charitable nature (善心)
SUMMARY: This sermon advises us to increase and upkeep the brightness of our “Ling Kong”(靈光). Sifu advised us that in this life we must remove the negative karma created from past lives, by continuously cultivating more “Sein Kein” 善根. Whatever we do this life, we are in control of our situations and thus, be cautious not to create more negative karma. Whatever we will do in our future lives is dependent on the brightness from our "Ling Kong" to give us guidance on not to create more negative karma for ourselves; and to help us not be reborn in the animal domain but go forward to a better living environment than what we are in today. Those Buddha’s & bodhisattvas, and “cho see” (divine masters) were past human beings, and if they can achieved enlightenment, why not you? If you develop your bodhi heart (菩提心)and put more effort and strong determination, you have opportunities to do better than them. Bodhi (菩提心)mindset is a compassionate and benevolent/charitable (善心)mindset. If you wish to rely upon bodhisattvas and/or seek their help, you might as well rely upon yourself, by accumulating lots of “Sein Ken” 善根 via your compassionate (慈悲心)and charitable heart/mindset (善心), as your accumulated merits will help you through harm and danger. If you adhere to these criteria, you are on the right path to attain success. Firstly, you must mingle and live in harmony, second do not talk ill of others, thirdly to cultivate a benevolent/meritorious heart/mindset. Every time when you do charity, no matter how small or little but sooner or later, they will accumulate and increase to a substantial quantity. But if you don’t do at all, you will forever not able to accumulate. Sifu asked us to put more effort in chanting “namo Jiew sang si mo wai po sat” (南無超生施無畏普薩) and also explained its benefits: For your current parents – to ask for good health and longevity (加福和長壽) For past parents or friends and love ones who have passed away – to seek early rebirth for them. For yourself - to seek guidance and assistance to clear your negative karma
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