Track 4 - Yan Kor Pt 1.
SUMMARY: PT 1. Today's topic is about “YanKor” (cause and effects). What does YanKor 因果 mean? “Yan” can be considered as repayment, a way of gratitude, or return back a favour to you, etc. The methods of establishing good affinities (結善緣)with others where you show your various ways of gratitude and compassion,are also returning “yan”. The word Yan covers a very wide range of repayments and/or gratitude, etc . We now also discuss about “Kor”. The Chinese word “Kor” is same as “fruits”. When you enjoy good bliss and health is “kor”. Have good children or descendants to look after you is “Kor”, to have good spouses is“Kor”, when your familieshave good health, safety, happiness and every pathway is smooth and minimal obstacles are also “kor”. Also whatever good omens or people showing care and kindness to you are also “Kor”. But don’t be mistaken. Not all “Kor” is good. Fruits also have sweet and sour. “Repayments” can also sometimes be sweet and sometimes sour. When you plant sweet trees, you get sweet fruits but when you plant sour trees, you get sour fruits. Therefore be very mindful when you do any deeds or actions, let them be good deeds. When you want to talk, may they be good words. Therefore, in this Saha world, whether you are old or young, everyone is evolved around YanKor. It is you who create your own Yankor”.
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