Track 4 - Yan Kor Pt 2
SUMMARY: As Kwan ImPusa said, in this human realm with “flesh” body, you will go through every sort of pains and sufferings, therefore, do not complain (怨), don’t despise or show resentment, do not spite or show hatred or blame others. If complain/blame others, (怨) then you will again return to this Saha world to repeat the same sufferings and pains until you understand the cause of your own sufferings, and it is you who personally need to resolve them. There are many sorts of mental and physical pains, but most important is that your soul (靈魂) must not be in pain. If our soul is in pain, it means disastrous karma (災业). Therefore, we always need to protect our soul and do not allow it to be in pain. How do we eliminate our negative YanKor? We need to chop off or stop our evil actions (惡业). Look at those people who suffer from their evil (惡)actions/speech and learn not to do the same wrong actions as they do. Please listen to this audio for better explanation than this summary.
Tai Pee Sim Monastery. Tai Pee Sim Temple. Temple for the people.