Track 1 - Pt 1. Importance of “kit yuen”. (結緣)
SUMMARY: This sermon is Part 1 (of two parts) which explains the importance of establishing good affinities or “kit yuen” (結緣) with everybody and how to achieve this benevolent merit (善根). With “kit yuen” (結緣) attitudes, you will continuously shower Kindness, love & care to everyone around you, therefore, able to establish good affinities with everyone, human and spirits alike. With this positive mindset, even all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will help you when you encounter hardships or difficulties, or require helpful friends(貴人). Therefore the strength of your “kit yuen” (結緣)is amazingly powerful to overcome many difficult pathways in life. Please continue to Part 2 of this audio when finish.
Tai Pee Sim Monastery. Tai Pee Sim Temple. Temple for the people.