Track 1 - Pt 2. Importance of “kit yuen”. (結緣)
SUMMARY: Sifu insisted upon us, the importance of UNITY and us working and living in harmony (要結合). When there is Unity/harmony or “kit hup” (結合), you are establishing good affinities “kit yuen” with those you worked with. Hence, when there is “kit yuen”. (結緣) and good relationship, you tend not to talk ill (bad gossips) of each other. By not talking ill or evil speech of others, you have already achieved good “sein kein” (善根). Thus, this “kit hup” (結合) leads to “kit yuen” (結緣), cycle of behaviours will eventually accumulate good meritorious virtue roots (善根) and positive karma for yourselves. When you are able to “kit sein yuen”(結善緣),many trivial issues can be overlooked which ultimately will stop hatred, fights and arguments. These behaviours will eliminate your negative karma or “yan kor” 因果 and your sufferings and pains (苦劫) will eventually diminish.
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