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REVEREND SENG SEONG (姓上) - 1918-1996

Founder of Tai Pee Sim (大悲心) Monastery, in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Born during the First World War, Reverend Seng Seong was called upon to serve mankind even as early as his schooldays. At 18, he became a medium, although a very reluctant one at first. Then realising that it was his true calling, he devoted wholeheartedly into his role. Humble and sincere, he was able to help cure the sick and bring comfort to those who needed help. He was also able to give guidance or intervention in times of distress and uncertainty, through the powers of many Deities and Tchoi-Si (祖師) especially Na Cha (哪吒), The Lady of Birth (主生娘娘) and Lin Wan Sinn Si (蓮雲仙師), among others. The many people who were cured by Na Cha and Neo Neo are no make-believe fairytales but true facts that many can vouch for.

Ordained as a Buddhist priest at the age of 26, he set up a temple in a small cave at Jalan Kuala Kangsar in Ipoh, Perak, with the name of "Sau Meng Koong" (壽明宮). It was here at the cave that Lin Wan Sinn Si and other Tcho-Si's came and began to preach the right way of life including the 3 Golden Rules of Conduct (三大幸福). Rev. Seng Seong continued to practice the way of the Tao () and Buddhist ()teachings, always believing that the good teachings of both doctrines co-exist harmoniously and need not be exclusive of each other.

In 1945, he left the cave to set up a small shrine in a ramshackle wooden hut in Silibin with the same name. In 1948, the temple was relocated to a wooden structure at Kg Jawa where the temple was renamed Tai Pee Sim. These premises were often inundated by flood waters. So in 1960, he shifted the temple to Jalan Kampar, where the Tai Pee Sim Monastery now stands.

From the humble cave beginnings to what Tai Pee Sim is today is the fruit and labour of his complete sacrifice and total dedication to his belief. He built the temple piece by piece, slowly and most painstakingly. He offered shelter to the aged, the orphaned, the homeless and destitute and asked for nothing in return.

His favourite saying was that we all come to this world with nothing, so it is that we would also leave this world with nothing, except the brightness of the light that is our soul.

Life is not permanent. It is within this small span of time (when one is alive) that one must enhance the brightness of one's light (soul) by doing good or meritorious acts and not dim our souls by bad deeds. So, in passing, he has left us all with his wisdom and his teachings and a place (a sanctuary) where we can all gather to recite prayers, to nurture that light, and find solace and peace of mind.

Indeed, a man of great honour and dedication for the betterment of mankind. He will always be with us. May the devotees and disciples of Tai Pee Sim carry on and continue the good work that he has bequeathed us all.

Out of sight, but never out of mind.

In memory of our Founder Reverend Seng Seong dated 25th day of 4th moon


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