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Bodhisattva Cundi 準提菩薩

Amitabha Buddha - Introduction

Amitabha Buddha - Sutra of Infinite Life or Larger Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra 無量壽經

Amitabha Buddha - Sutra on Amitabha & his Pure Land (Sukhavati)

Amitabha Buddha - Amitāyurdhyāna Sūtra 佛說觀無量壽佛經

Medicine Buddha - Introduction

Mantra for Daily Chanting at Home

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Bodhisattva of Compassion - Om Mani Padme Hom

Bodhisattva of Compassion - Mantra 大悲咒

Bodhisattva of Compassion - Introduction

Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha - Introduction

Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha - Sutra Extracts

Bodhisattva of Compassion - Mantra 大悲咒

Brief Introduction for Beginners:

Extracts from the internet and books. (May blessings and appreciation go to the authors of these articles)

Great Compassion Mantra 大悲咒

Click this link Great Compassion Mantra (Da Bei Zhou in Cantonese)

1. na mo ho la da nu do la ye ye,
2. na mo o li ye,
3. po lu je di sho bo la ye,
4. pu ti sa do po ye,
5. mo ho sa do po ye,
6. mo ho jia lu ni jia ye,
7. an,
8. sa bo la fa yi,
9. su da nu da sia,
10. na mo si ji li do yi mung o li ye,
11. po lu ji di, sho fo la ling to po,
12. na mo nu la jin cho,
13. si li mo ho po do sha me,
14. sa po wo to do shu pung,
15. wo si yun,
16. sa po sa do na mo po sa do na mo po che,
17. mo fa to do,
18. da dzo to,
19. an, o po lu si,
20. lu jia di,
21. jia lo di,
22. i si li,
23. mo ho pu ti sa do,
24. sa po sa po,
25. mo la mo la,
26. mo si mo si li to yun,
27. ji lu ju lu, jie mong,
28. du lu du lu fa she ye di,
29. mo ho fa she ye di,
30. to la to la,
31. di li ni,
32. shi fo la ye,
33. zhe la zhe la,
34. mo mo, fa mo la,
35. mu di li,
36. yi si yi si,
37. shi nu shi nu,
38. o la son, fo la so li,
39. fa sha fa son,
40. fo la she ye,
41. hu lu hu lu mo la,
42. hu lu hu lu si li,
43. so la so la,
44. si li si li,
45. su lu su lu,
46. pu ti ye, pu ti ye,
47. pu to ye, pu to ye,
48. mi di li ye,
49. nu la jin cho,
50. di li so ni nu,
51. po ye mo nu,
52. so po ho,
53. si to ye,
54. so po ho,
55. mo ho si to ye,
56. so po ho,
57. si to yu yi,
58. shi bo la ye,
59. so po ho,
60. no la jin cho,
61. so po ho,
62. mo la nu la,
63. so po ho,
64. si la son o mo chi ye,
65. so po ho,
66. so po mo ho o si to ye,
67. so po ho,
68. zhe ji la o xi to ye,
69. so po ho,
70. bo fo mo jie si to ye,
71. so po ho,
72. nu la jin cho bo che la ye,
73. so po ho,
74. mo po li song ji la ye,
75. so po ho,
76. na mo ho la ta nu do la ye ye,
77. na mo o li ye,
78. po lu ji di,
79. sho bo la ye,
80. so po ho,
81. an si den,
82. man do la,
83, ba to ye,
84. so po ho.

There are 83 Bodhisattvas listed in Great Compassion Mantra, but #43 is not a Bodhisattva.

Benefits in Reciting and Holding The Great Compassion Mantra

(Excerpts from The Dharani Sutra)

Kwan Im Porsat said to the Buddha, “world Honoured One”.

If any living beings who recites and holds the spiritual mantra of great compassion should fall into the Three Evil Paths, I vow not to attain the Right Enlightenment.

If any living being who recites and holds this spiritual mantra of great compassion should not be reborn in any Buddha land, I vow not to attain the Right Enlightenment.

If any living being who recites and holds this spiritual mantra of great compassion should not attain immeasurable Samadhis and eloquence,  I vow not to attain the Right Enlightenment

If any living being who recites and holds this spiritual mantra of great compassion should not obtain whatever he seeks in this present life, then it cannot be the Dharani of the Great Compassion mind. 

Having spoken these words before the assembly, he put his palms together, stood upright, and brought forth a thought of great compassion for all beings.  He smiled broadly and in this way spoke the wonderful spiritual phrases of the Dharani of Great compassion, perfect, full, unimpeded, vast and great. 

If humans and gods recite and hold the phrases of the Great Compassion Mantra, then when they approach the end of life, all the Buddhas of the ten directions will come to take them by the hand to rebirth in whatever Buddhaland they wish, according to their desire.

People and gods who recite and hold the Great Compassion Mantra will not suffer these fifteen kinds of bad death.

The bad deaths are:

1. They will not die of starvation or privation
2. They will not die from having been yoked, imprisoned, caned or otherwise beaten
3. They will not die at the hands of hostile enemies
4. They will not be killed in military battle
5. They will not be killed by tigers, wolves, or other evil beasts
6. They will not die from the venom of poisonous snakes, black serpents, or scorpions
7. They will not drown or be burned to death
8. They will not be poisoned to death
9. They will not die as a result of sorcery
10. They will not die of madness or insanity
11. They will not be killed by landslides or falling trees
12. They will not die of nightmares sent by evil people
13. They will not be killed by deviant spirits or evil ghosts
14. They will not die of evil illnesses which bind the body
15. They will not commit suicide

Benefits:  Those who recite and hold the spiritual Mantra of Great Compassion will obtain the following fifteen kinds of good birth:

1. Their place of birth will always have a good king
2. They will always be born in a good country
3. They will always be born at a good time
4. They will always meet good friends
5. The organs of their body will always be complete
6. Their heart will be pure and full in the way
7. They will not violate the prohibitive precepts
8. Their family will be kind and harmonious
9. They will always have the necessary wealth and goods in abundance
10. They will always obtain the respect and help of others
11. They riches will not be plundered
12. They will obtain everything they seek
13. Dragons, gods, and good spirits will always protect them
14. In the place where they are born they will see the Buddha and hear the Dharma
15. They will awaken to the profound meaning of that Proper Dharma which they hear.

Those who recite and hold the Great Compassion Mantra will obtain these fifteen kinds of good birth. All gods and people should constantly recite and hold it, without negligence.


A review of:
The Great Compassion Mantra

By Kathy Chai
(12-year old)

The Great Compassion Mantra! What is it? What does it do? What can it do? Why do people recite it? Many people question about it. At first, I had a lot of questions about the Mantra. Why do I believe it now? Why do I put trust in it?

This situation started when I kept asking myself if I should give it a try. Would it be good for me? Would it bring me peace with everyone? After all my decisions, the results of my thinking came out to be "give it a try." Everyday, I started reciting the Mantra. Of course I struggled at first, but the more I practiced, the better I got. It did bring me peace. At first, I thought it was a dream, but then I realized that it wasn't! It was pretty amazing! No one had convinced me, but I started to put trust in it. I had confidence to everything I did. Soon, I knew that this Great Compassion Mantra is extremely powerful.

What are some of the things it can do? I found out that it brings you peace no matter how frustrating the situation is. It can cure any type of disease, too! For example, if a friend or even you have some kind of cancer, the Great Compassion Mantra would be my first choice, and even my number one recommendation! Want some great news? Your life will be extended! Every year will pass by with happiness and good fortune. Anything else? Of course! You will also have a great amount of prosperity! All of your bad luck will all vanish. All of your splendid thoughts and strategies of something that might help the world will all be undeniable. You can accomplish anything as long as you have the idea.

Confessions... Confessions... Confession... is there a way to get all of your confessions out of the way? Absolutely! Right now, think into the past of what you had learned. Remember what Confucius said? What was one of his sayings? Just in case you forgot, this is one of them: Do not do to others what you would not want others do to you. Why did Confucius say that? He wanted everyone to treat others with respect no matter what kind of person they are, and what religion they are in. He wanted rulers to be like a father to the people.

Why would I want to learn the Great Compassion Mantra? I wanted to learn it because I wanted to help the sick, the poor, the homeless, and many others who have difficulties. I would like to help many others so they can be healthy and enjoy what they are doing, and pass the struggles they have. How could this be? This could only happen with the power by chanting the Great Compassion Mantra.

When do I have time to practice and recite the Great Compassion Mantra? If you know that you have a perfect time to practice each day, that's great! If you don't, I would like to share how I practiced. I practiced by listening to a tape at home that has the mantra recorded in it. When I finish doing my work, I memorize a line from the mantra. Then next day, I memorize the second line. When I am good at it, I memorize the first and the second together. I kept on doing that until I reached the eighty-fourth line. Pretty soon, I was able to recite it by heart.

An amazing thing that happened to me was that I improved on my schoolwork and everything I did! Everyone and myself were satisfied with all the grades I got on my tests, homework, projects, and reports.

You can try reciting the Mantra. If you like it and think that it will help others like what I believe, please share your experience with your friends, family, and relatives. Tell them about it. If you don't feel comfortable with it, you can always try another time. I put trust in it, so I decided to pass my ideas and experiences with you.

I hope that you have learned something good about the Great Compassion Mantra. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and experiences with you. Don't let my experiences convince you. Try it yourself. If you think it's great, share it with all the people you know. Let the others have at least a small experience with the Great Compassion Mantra.


(extracts from internet)

Instructions on how to practice the Great Compassion Mantra (大悲咒) of Kwan Yin Bodhisattva By Vajra Regent DongShan Wu-Tsen
1. Light incense and place beside shrine;

2. Prostrate 3 times to Kwan Yin;

3. Offer one (or more) glass (es) of water which Kwan Yin will bless;

4. Invite Kwan Yin to come to you and appear;

5. Bring the palms of your hands together in the prayer-mudra;

6. Invite all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to come and be present.

7. Recite the “Lu Heong” chant:

8. Recite the Kwan Yin Great Compassion Mantra 3, 5, 7, 21, 49 or 108 times.

9. Recite the short mantra 10 times:   “Na Mo Kwan Si Yin Pu sat (Boddhisattva)”.

10. Finally, drink the water blessed by Kwan Yin. This water now has healing powers.

11. Dedicate this practice of the Kwan Yin Great compassion Mantra to the benefit and enlightenment of all beings.


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